Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Episode.. finally!

Finally got around to making another episode to my once fading podcast! However, as I openly admit... the podcast should be referred to as : c.locket...putdowntheneedlesandRUN~ right? my running has been sporadic... and taken a back seat to the knitting! That's just not right. I need to find a balance, as I am sure I am NOT alone in this department. At least I like to HOPE that I am not alone in that dept? right? Fortunately today I got my arse on that there tready and hopefully I will get back on track with that running!

Podcast vs. blogging? Which to do? hmmm... Mostly i have been concentrating on the blogging area and neglecting the podcasting... Had some technical difficulties and then procrastination issues. But I have to wonder... are those that read the blog -also listening to the podcast and vice versa? Is the blog enough? Hmmm...... I for one enjoy being able to KNIT and LISTEN to others chat about their knitting. It's a good way to get ideas for what to knit next, etc... and familiarize myself with new patterns, yarns....

Got NOTHING on the needles at the present time. Been combing through the many project patterns on and not committing to anything in particular. Not quite yet! Soon enough the needles will be clicking! This is the calm before the storm, perhaps? Who knows!

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