Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Someone else's eyes and MY HEART~
I blogged about this on my sparkpeople page.... so... basically I decided that I would copy and paste the blog over here too!
"The image is of the second guide dog that we helped to raise! The first dog needed a ~career change~ and is now performing search and rescue operations in Kentucky..... Whereas our second dog, rightly called "Chance" for she was our second chance at raising one that would complete the program AND a second chance for a sight impaired person to navigate better in the world. I took a random sample of my children along to witness the event and I am so glad that I did. They kind of helped to diffuse the situation and keep me in check. Mom didnt want to be a blubbering idiot in front of them... just an idiot would suffice. So.... hee hee... It was great... we followed behind for an hour or more... Witnessing her guide the trainer throughout the streets... she went effortlessly through a revolving door... AND down an escalator!!!! Whoa! Now mind you, I tried sooo hard to get this dog to walk on a treadmill and I just didnt have the right knack to accomplish such an undertaking! As I was saying, we followed behind her... and she would look back once and a while but didnt make any connection as to who I was.... I was instructed to stay quiet because if the dog hears the voice, it will more than likely make the connection. ... At the end of the walk, the trainer takes off the harness and we are allowed one final farewell.... There was no doubt in my mind that she remembered us! Wow! The trainer said that she would be bringing the dog to other routes for a time being because the dogs tend to "look" for the former owner in the same location that we said goodbye... She still has other blindfold tests to conquer in Boston, Ma.. etc.. But they are quite confident that she will pass. When all was said and done, i handed the leash back over to the trainer and she walked off with my heart, I mean... my former foster guide dog in training.... As I sit here now and reflect... I miss her... but I am sooo grateful to have had the opportunity to help others and to, most importantly, have had a "Chance" to involve my family too! I would do it all over again..... well, maybe after our new puppy grows up a bit!"

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