Saturday, August 11, 2007

My new fave author: Jodi Picoult!!!
Wow! I am a regular bookworm! Making my way through J.P's books! Vanishing Acts was of particular interest because of the working search and rescue dog that was involved in the storyline... My sister's keeper had yet another storyline with a Guide Dog playing a role as well! No, I am not really that shallow... the fact that there were dogs in the mix were merely a bonus! Nineteen minutes was a good read as well, and Salem Falls!!! Having read all of these has been emotionally draining! NO lie! These books have a way of crawling under your skin and staying with you for quite some time. They can be quite heavy material.

My second Chance is doing extremely well in her training!! She is greatly missed!! I am enjoying my break from such a major responsibility! Sure I toy with the idea of starting up again with another pup, but the cost both financial and emotional are far too much for me to handle at the present time.
IF I do decide to intentionally break my heart again, I think it will be with a pup that is born in January. For now, I have plenty of time to mull it over!

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