Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Our pup did a great job on her second walk! I guess I have neglected to actually blog it! But, she looked great. There was one point where she was walked rather closely into another dog...and she didn't even flinch! She is a good girl. She is just experiencing a tad bit of laziness... which we are working on. She decides to plop herself down and rest at unsuspecting moments. But, lately I have been rather conscious of this and I have been rather successful at thwarting her attempts to catch some zzz's while doing her very important task of walking!
She has even been able to sleep OUT of her crate at night. The only nights where she has trouble...are the ones where it was too hectic in the day to find time to walk her. Fortunately those are far and few between because I make every attempt to get her out there and walking at least once, if not twice, a day!!! I dont want to rob her of the opportunity to get out and explore. These walks are pertinent to her success! She is truly a great pup!

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