Thursday, August 03, 2006

oCtObEr doily DoNe!!
I finished the black doily for my sister and I bought an orange foam core board to block it on! I will be, hopefully, blocking it today.
Blushing Becca is in the works...I made her more sun-kissed than blushing...I went for a tad bit darker than off white. That doll works up QUICK!!!! I am hopeful to finish that up today too!!!
Still working on the treadmill with the pup. She ate her food on it, and was not overly spooked by the creaking noises that it made when she ventured to put two paws on it.
Guess I best get to all of my plans for today...and I'll be posting pics at some point...building the suspense! hahah!!
By the way...still no kitchen/bath swap package for me...hahah!!! It's a joke now! Too funny! Good thing that first swap didn't sour me on swaps...because all the others have been sooo much fun! I am not sure if I will sign up for the autumn round of the secret to think on it.

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