Thursday, May 18, 2006

Palm Treo 650

Ok...I felt the need to get one of these handy high tech things because I have a palm z31 and a phone....Well, when I am doing indoor "work" with our guide dog in training, I dont use a purse. All of my belongings are on "my person". The current pup is too young for indoor work, but why go back to a purse now? It will just proove to be more difficult transitioning back again.
Having said all that...I get this fancy new phone and I am all tech'ed out. Blue tooth too! My main problem is the touch screen and the keyguard lock is less than desirable. This unit is constantly being turned on in my pocket. (I know it sounds phallic) I bought the body glove case with a transparent front which does an awesome job protecting the touch screen and keys. Well, almost awesome, there was a time that I put it in my pocket full of crumbly dog treats and these particles somehow managed to find their way underneath that lovely plastic covering. But that is besides the point. What is the point? The point is..... the keys can still be pressed with this type of soft cover. Today I opted for the case from American Cellular and this is a leather pouch type. The drawback? The phone has to be taken out of the case in order to use it and then returned to the case.........where it then PRESSES the hangup button during the phone conversation. Still not fool-proof! So, last straw...I ordered the mucho dinero, big coin, ca-ching grande case on Palm's website.
Bottom line: This phone is a big money pit....oh yeah, the blue tooth has to be bought from the Palm site as well because there is a special blue tooth for the palm that works best with it! ARGH!

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