Monday, April 10, 2006

**Handy Idea**
Ok, you know those row counters for knitting needles? WEll, I have attached it to my belt loop with a ball and chain link...and I use it to track the 35 weekly allowance points for the Core Program.

By the way...I did get the new pedometer and it is VERY SENSITIVE....The premise is good, being that you can get a bird's eye view of the activity points you may have earned for the day. BUT.....I noticed that the sensitive little bugger will even give me points for RIDING in my car? Go figure! A bump in the road registers as a step on this thing! (Not to mention the fact that you have to be very careful in the bathroom...the process of pulling down the pants and putting them back up adds a few steps too.)
I have to definitely tweak the sensitivity on it which is possible by adjusting my stride number. The unit has pretty extensive directions with it, if you are thinking you will just tear open the package and plop it on...and go??? NO! Wrong....Get your tape measurer out and your calculator...and start measuring foot steps and dividing the total, etc. The clip on mine is also not working, but that is a tiny little thing, basically the only thing that does is PREVENT ONE FROM LOSING IT AND HAVING TO BUY ANOTHER!!!! There is also a lovely mode button which when depressed a few times...will REVEAL YOUR WEIGHT!!! AAACK! Now that can be intimidating! Don't let just anyone look at your pedometer, unless you want to allow him/her to be privy to such information. Overall, it is good for those techies that want that jazz, and usually I am ONE OF THOSE....but in this case, it has been sitting on my table....... and it is reads: RESET?. Anyone want to buy it off of me? Let me know....

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